Equine Art

Equine Art by Yvette Frahn

Below are the links to the various ways in which I make equine art available to the community.

Browse through the various options and always feel welcome to contact me via the details at the bottom of the page.

Original Equine Art

Apart from doing commissions or selling equine art prints, I produce original equine art, inspired by horses I have seen or heard about. These works are available for sale, simply contact me about the artwork that has caught your eye.


If you’re an equine art collector or equestrienne with a love for horses, I welcome you to commission me to produce some original work for you. We can develop a subject or, as many clients do, you are welcome to share photos of your horses for me to work with.

Prints and Books

Apart from selling equine art prints, I have produced beautiful, A3 size equine colouring books, on artist-quality stock that has been chosen so your finished work can fit straight into off-the-shelf frames, and hang upon your walls.

Art Workshops

My equine art workshops can range from a day to 4 days (generally 2 days) and are designed to give you a space to indulge, with food and materials all taken care of. By limiting numbers to 10 people, I can dedicate myself to helping you achieve amazing outcomes.

Contact Yvette Frahn

The best way to contact me is through email - [email protected] - or by using the form below. Alternatively, try my favourite social networking channel: Spirit Of Equine Facebook Page