In May this year, 2018, I had the pleasure of being on the Horse Chats podcast.

It was great to have a platform to bring my calling together in one place, namely, bringing art and horses together.

Here is the blurb they printed and at the bottom of this page is the YouTube version of the interview.

From the Horse Chats podcast page

Yvette began her equine career like many do, by drawing horses until she could own one. Between the ages of 4 (when she saw her first horse) and 12 (when she actually got one), she pursued with single minded dedication the ambition to be able to draw them well.

The distinctive style of Yvettes horse art exude an intense life, with a feeling of intimacy.  She is utterly passionate about the process of creating vibrant equine images in inks and pastels.

A successful early career in Showjumping led to studying horse husbandry but she soon found art was more important to her, attending university to gain degrees in visual arts, education and business. Yvette’s mantra as an artist is ‘Know Your Subject’, to achieve this she has studied equine anatomy and particularly skeletal anatomy.

Her straightforward demonstrations, along with an uncanny ability to communicate complex ideas in an easy to understand language makes her an effective teacher.  Yvette encourages artists of all ages and levels of expertise to develop the many exciting skills of equine art both practical and theoretical. For her it has always been important to share her knowledge and support others to pursue their potential, equipping them with the tools to succeed.

Yvette is able show how simple it is to improve skill in drawing so your horses look amazing. She is a full time artist and works from her Tractor Shed Studio on the family farm in the Northern Mallee of South Australia, selling exquisite equine art worldwide. Yvette also conducts private art classes and workshops around the country. Her latest adventures expanding her international career have led to selection to exhibit her latest works in the US in August at the world famous Horses In Art Show at the Quarterhorse Hall of Fame in Texas

Yvette’s Favourite Inspirational Quote
– Know your subject,
– Give yourself permission to NOT make art
– Never let reality get in the way of a good painter


Who Has Inspired Yvette
– Judy Woodward
– Beryl & Ivan Pearce
– Murray Bickmore
– Richard Fewster
– Di Bills and Mike Roberts


Recommended Author
– Walter Foster Drawing Books


About This Episode
– Yvette discusses the beauty of horses, how horses are not only wonderful they are for everyone and how proudest moments are not done alone but in partnership.


Time Stamps
03:02 – Know your subject. Give yourself permission to NOT make art. Never let reality get in the way of a good painter
04:40 – Every horse looks different
05:40 – Capturing the horse in art
06:50 – Staring at a dirty grey pony and falling in love with horses
08:08 – Living in a rural area and having the only pony
09:20 – Combing art and horses together has been a absolute calling
12:30 – Compiling horse art drawings
14:09 – Studying Visual Art
14:40 – What you wake up with, what drives your thinking, extreme determination, bloody mindedness, good business skills
16:00 – Never feels like work
16:28 – How Murry Bickmore, Judy Woodward, Beryl & Ivan Pearce and others who have inspired Yvette
21:40 – ‘Blue Jasper – Junior E Grade to Senior A Grade and competing at the Bell Harry Cup
22:00 – ‘Tookie’ a  retired racehorse, kicks and rears but is an entertaining horse the prettiest horse and her art muse.
23:20 – Art Career – Manhattan Saddlery in New York (stocking books), Equitana, Exhibition Openings
25:30 – Some of Yvette’s proudest moment is never doing things alone as partnerships are very powerful
27:45 – Creative thinkers
28:20 – Equine Anatomy – measure and check all portions
29:20 – Teaching people to see the truth
30:10 – Yvette’s book/s in progress
31:45 – Walter Foster Drawing Books
33:30 – Workshops around Australia (2018) and Florida USA (2019), Spirit of Equine Workshops, Visiting Kentucky Horses in Art Association
37:35 – Not only are horses wonderful, horses are for everyone.  Artist are seen as elitist
39:40 – Contact